White Noise Vs Brown Noise Vs Pink Noise – Colors of Noise

White Noise Vs Brown Noise Vs Pink Noise – Colors of Noise

A variety of sound signals used in daily life that is associated with the different situations. Today, various noise colors are acknowledged, but white, pink and brown are most generally used sound patterns. Here, I will discuss the colors of noise and how they affect the life of an individual. Let’s consider white noise vs. pink noise vs. brown noise so you can make out easily what is the significance of these colors.

White Noise- It holds static soothing  sound pattern. You will observe that from the entire audio spectrum it encompasses random and equivalent amounts of frequencies. For other surrounding and disturbing noises, it acts as the shield or wall. The sound sleep is promoted by it.

Types of White Noise

White noise is classified under three broad headings-

  • Nature Sounds- In different types of natural environments, nature sounds are heard. It includes the sounds of waterfalls, traffic, airplane, wind, thunderstorm, chirping birds, and heartbeat.
  • Machinery Noises- Some machines produce non-repetitive sounds which you listen in isolation turns to be therapeutic. The devices that provide such type of sound is the vacuum cleaner, fan, air conditioner and a ticking clock.
  • Ambient soundscapes- It is environment based but is not real nature sounds. It includes cracking of a fire, interior of an aircraft and crowd noise.

You will get the good night sleep with the help of a best white noise machine that will offer relax to your body and brain. The reasons due to which it comforts you to sleep better are as follows-

  1. It will help you in establishing a bedtime ritual so that you can form a routine before bed.
  2. It provides optimal sleep environs by removing annoying sounds and creating the noiseless covering.
  3. It is used to meditate as it shuts down the worries of the working brain.
  4. It protects your comfortable sleep as if you wake up by chance it will fall back you to slumber.
  5. Due to white noise, you get sound sleep that is uninterrupted and provides you refreshing mood.
  6. You can carry white noise machine during traveling and also to avoid the sound of the door slamming in hotel rooms.

Brown Noise- The other names of brown noise is red noise or Brownian noise. At lower sound frequencies, it produces the sound of roar or thunder. It helps in providing relaxation to the individuals. Your sleep will be surely improved by it.

Pink Noise- It uses lower frequencies of sound and enjoys steady rate. You can compare it to the rushing water or torrential rains. It is beneficial for confiscating background sounds. It appeases babies and provides better sleep.

White NoiseBrown NoisePink Noise
Equal energy per frequency.

Low frequency nearer to a buzz.

Equal energy per octave.

Sound masking and cancellation.

Provides relaxation and enriches focus.

Improves focus and provides better sleep.

Enhances concentration

Upsurges reading comprehensionAssuage headaches

White noise vs. Pink noise

The random and equal amounts of frequencies are included in the white noise. It masks every external sound. It consumes all existing frequencies to build a sound pattern. The other noises become less evident as they dwindle into the background. As such it saves you from disturbances during the sleep.

Pink Noise lay emphasis on particular and lower frequencies to generate a profound and tender sound. If some listeners found white noise to be harsh, then they can switch on to pink noise. It provides relaxation to the listeners. You can compare its sound to the rushing water and high wind through leaves.

White noise vs. Brown noise

White is the pure form of masking sounds for disturbing surrounding noises whereas brown noise produces the temporal amalgamation of white noise. The word “brown” is derived from the name of the person “Robert Brown” whereas the term white noise stems from the color. The other name of Brown noise is red noise.

Which sound conditioner suits you better?

Day by day there is the escalation in the noise due to the populace, traffic flow, construction and cell phones. All these things result into disturbing and undesirable sounds. So to get rid of unwanted interruptions, you have to take help of devices. Whether you go for white noise or pink noise or brown noise that depends on your prerequisite. If you prefer effective results, then you can proceed with the amalgamations of noise colors.  

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