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best white noise machines for bathroom privacy

Moving to a small new apartment can be a problem especially when all the rooms have thin walls and less space between them. Most of these small studios have a more modest bathroom with a flimsy door and no fan. This means that every minute activity done in the bathroom can be heard clearly from outside. Each one of us loves our privacy, and so the thought of another person hearing what is done in the shower can be embarrassing.While searching for bathroom noise blocker in the market, the product that got most useful reviews by users is the bathroom white noise machine which effectively blocks the sound in small space giving the person peace of mind regarding the bathroom privacy. To provide you with a more detailed view on portable white noise machine, we have gathered the best bathroom noise blocker available in the market.

Best White Noise Machines for Bathroom 

1)  LectroFan White Noise Machine with Travel Case

LectroFan White Noise Machine with Travel CaseLectroFan is portable noise cancellation machine that can be quickly charged using USB cable or power adapter and Due to small size, this white noise machine can be carried anywhere in the small bag.

LectroFan White Noise Machine is available with these following features:

  •  LectroFan white noise machine is built in a hexagonal shape.
  • The product emits ten non-repeating fan noise which can be controlled by volume button.buy @ amazon

2) LIFEON Sleep Sounds Noise Maker Machine Sleep Sounds Noise Maker Machine

If you have trouble sleeping, then LIFEON sleep sound maker offers an effective solution to people suffering from insomnia. One can enjoy 10 type of soothing sounds that can be played for minimum 15 minutes to all night as per the requirement.

LIFEON Sleep Sounds Noise Maker Machine is available with these following features:

  • LIFEON Sleep Sounds Noise Maker has a sturdy portable design which runs of 4 AA batteries and also can be charged using the power adapter.
  • The machine comes with built-in ten soothing sounds like white noise, brown noise, ocean, bird, rain, thunder, typhoon, brook, bird, lullaby 1 and lullaby 2
  • The white noise machine can be easily placed in bathroom, bedroom, nursery, or office.
  • Timer option which can be set from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Best product for people suffering from insomnia, children and old age people.

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3) Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound MachineMarpac Rohm is a mighty white noise bathroom fan machine which emits deep white noise which will help you to relax mentally and also aid in having a deep sleep. Rohm white noise machine is easy to carry anywhere with ease. The device can be quickly charged using the USB cable and runs all night smoothly.

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine is available with these following features:

  •  Marpac Rohm effective cancel out the noise that can disturb the sleep.
  •  It comes with three sound options –Deep White Noise, Bright White Boise, and Gentle Surf.
  •  Rohm has 3.5” inch diameter and 3.84 ounces of weight making it the best white noise bathroom fan portable machine available in the market
  •  The product comes with the one-year limited factory warranty and support services from Marpac.

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4) HoMedics Portable White Noise Machine

HoMedics Portable White Noise MachineHoMedics® SoundSpa® Ultra is the best portable white noise machine available online. Fill your personal space with relaxing music that is perfect for meditation, to stop unwanted noise or to attain good sleep. The device comes with 12 different sounds which can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs the machine for 12 hours.

HoMedics Portable White Noise Machine is available with these following features:

  • Improve daily sleep immediately.
  • Effectively blocks the annoying sounds and emit soothing noise that relaxes the mind.
  • With 12 relaxing nature sounds that will help in your meditation routine.

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How to Buy White Noise Machine for Bathroom Privacy?

Many people don’t feel the need to invest in bathroom white noise machine as it’s still not much popular in the market. A bathroom is a private haven for most of the people, but usually small apartments don’t offer any such privacy. With the sheer built, thin walls and doors, the sound can easily travel outside the bathroom and can be apparently heard on the other side. Using white noise machine, you get the power to stop these noises and create a soothing ambiance in your space.

Instead of finding ways on how to isolate the bathroom sounds, you can bring in this portable white noise machine for the bathroom which is available in a broader range and at cheaper rates. The best part of this device is its light and can be carried anywhere. Also, white noise machine can be used during the night to enjoy a relaxing sleep. If you have made up the mind to buy this fantastic device, few factors need to put into consideration before making the final purchase.

Portability and Durability: The bathroom white noise machine should be small in size and lightweight so that it can be easily placed in a smaller bathroom. Now when we are talking about lightweight, the material of the device should be sturdy. Make sure you get the product that is made using high-grade plastic material that doesn’t break in one fall.

Water-Proof: Since you want to use the white noise machine to block bathroom noise, it is essential that the device is waterproof and doesn’t get damage to the moist atmosphere.

Stable Base: Since you will be using the machine in small space, it’s important that the product sits perfectly on any surface. You don’t want the device to fall and break while you are enjoying private bathroom time.

Soothing Sounds: Choose the white noise machine that comes with more than ten types of nature sounds like river, wind, ocean, forest noise, birds, garden, or stream that works positively on your mind. There is white noise machine which has inbuilt fan sounds to blocking bathroom noises effectively. As per your requirement, pick the product that comes with sounds which are suitable to your needs.

Final Conclusion

White noise machine for bathroom has become a necessity for those who have thin walls and doors in your apartment. This noise cancellation machine efficiently hides the noise and emit sounds that create a relaxing ambiance. To get maximum output from the noise cancellation machine, pick the model which is durable, comes with nature sounds, excellent battery life, sturdily built, lightweight, compact design and waterproof. In a market, White noise machine for baby also available.

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