Owlet Baby Monitor Reviewed and Compared

Owlet Baby Monitor Reviewed and Compared

When your baby is born, you make sure to sanitize the house, get the best baby mattress, soft blanket and a sturdy crib that will protect them, yet something unexplainable happens that takes the precious one away from you. The culprit is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that can occur to even a healthy baby under one year age. Doctors are clueless about the SIDS and parents often try to find the reason for their losses. If you don’t want your child to become the next victim of this disease, we advise you to get a baby monitor.

Now, when you think of baby monitor, a walkie-talkie machine pop in mind but the Owlet baby monitor will surely change your thinking. Read more to know in depth about the Owlet baby monitor reviews:

What is The Owlet?

The Owlet is an advanced baby monitor that is divided into two sections. The first is little socks that easily fit in your child’s foot, and the base station is kept near parent’s bed. The sock is a monitor that senses the breathing pattern of child and send a signal to the counterpart when it records a fall in the oxygen level or abnormal heart rate. The owlet alerts the parents for any abnormalities that can be threatening to child’s life. It’s not just to keep your baby safe but to give a peaceful sleep knowing that the vital information related to your infant is getting monitored.

How Owlet Baby Monitor Works?

To present an apt owlet reviews, we tried to see how this baby monitor works and whether it serves the exact purpose. The Owlet Baby Monitor has pulse oximetry that checks the oxygen saturation in blood and heart rate in the body. This advanced technology is used in NICU where critical patients are treated. The owlet bootie monitors the oxygen flow in the body without disturbing baby’s sleep. This is the best way to know that your child is healthy and growing with every breath in the night.

Owlet Baby Monitor Reviews

To be honest, this is the boon for mothers who are scared of sudden infant death syndrome yet don’t have anything to fight. This baby monitor is not attached with electricity or cables that can be hazards for your child. The Owlet baby monitor is perfectly comfortable to wear around the shins of child and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It uses low-emission Bluetooth technology to send the data to the base station.

The base station comes with a sturdy body, and you need to make sure that the machine and the baby monitor stays within the Bluetooth range. Once it is connected, the monitoring will start itself and send the data. The base has a small bulb that emits three different light on each situation. The blue light stands for the smart sock getting disconnected with the base station. Yellow is shown if the sock is poorly placed and is not able to read the vitals. The Red is flashes if there is a detection of the drop of oxygen level in child’s body. The machine also emits a loud noise to wake you up. The alerts sensitivity can be adjusted through the app.

Parents can also download the Owlet app on their iPhone and Android device to get all the data. On every short interval, baby’s heart rate and oxygen level are monitored, and data is sent to the device. You don’t need a Wi-Fi for this device to get connected which is a relief. Also, the app is customer friendly with all the features designed for anxious parents. The best part about the machine is if your phone dropped the Wi-Fi for some reasons, the base station would still give the alert if some problem is detected. The light is pretty bright on the base station so if you can’t sleep with the machine beside you, just press down on the top of the base station and keep holding till the light dims down as per desire.

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Pros of Owlet Baby Monitor

  • You don’t have to remain paranoid every night when your baby sleep, as this dual system will be tracking every heartbeat of your child.
  • The Owlet comes with a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product within 100-days, you will get all the money back.
  • After a single charge, it lasts for a day.

Cons of Owlet Baby Monitor

  • The base stating needs to be plugged mean so never keep near baby’s crib to avoid getting tangled.
  • This baby monitor is only for night time morning, and the data is not always 100% accurate.

Where to Buy Owlet Baby Monitor?

The Owlet baby monitor is available online at a price of $250 on Amazon. Because of the high demand and great reviews, you might find this product out of stock. So, try to wait instead of going for older or alternate baby monitors.

What is SIDS?

The Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the most common reason for the unexplained death among children. This deadly problem can happen to a healthy baby less than one-year-old. It usually happens while the baby is sleeping. Under most of the SIDS cases, the child dies during night sleep in their crib. Doctors have associated SIDS with the abnormalities in infant’s brain which controls the breathing during sleep. There are no medicine or treatments which can detect this type of defect in breathing pattern. Many doctors advise parents to use baby monitors to identify the breathing pattern to avoid SIDS casualty.


By consider all the pros and cons, the Owlet baby monitor is must have the piece of equipment to keep the monitor on your child’s health during the night time. This dual system has pulse oximetry which is helpful in tracking the oxygen intake and heartbeat of the child. So, instead of being paranoid, be smart and get The Owlet Baby monitor to keep an eye on the vitals of your infant.


  1. The Owlet Baby Monitor is lightweight and soft. It can be worn under socks or pajamas while your baby is sleeping. However the technology is designed to be used while your baby is sleeping not moving around.

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