Lectrofan vs. Marpac White Noise Machine Compared and Reviewed

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As we all know that the white noise sound machines are the best option to let your baby sleep throughout the night. Such sound machines create a soothing sound and masks the surrounding sound which helps your baby to take longer naps. We have seen some of the best white noise machines in our previous posts. Today we will compare and review the top two white noise machines; LectroFan white noise machine Vs. Marpac Dohm Ds white noise machine.

lectrofan vs. marpac White noise machine compared and reviewed

Which machine is rated highest?

Well, different people have different opinions, but if we take the reference to the popularity of the sound machines on Amazon, then the Marpac Dohm Ds is clearly far ahead from the LectroFan. It is highest rated sound machine on Amazon.com. With the flexibility of the sound customization as per your surrounding environments, it is a versatile sound machine honored by the people all around the world.

Which is the best portable sound machine among these two?

By considering the product dimensions and weight, the LectroFan Sound Machine is more lightweight and small-sized machine than the Marpac Dohm Ds. It carries only 1.2 pounds of weight and a size of 4.4×2.2×4.4 inches which makes it perfectly portable sound machine for travel.

Sound Quality

The LectroFan white noise machine comes with a multi-band parametric EQ speaker compensation. It also carries a 100-200 V AC adapter to plug it into an outlet directly. It is designed with twenty different sound profiles to mask the surrounding sounds including ten electric fan and ten white noise sounds. It does not carry the type of a waterfall or rain sound which many people prefer to have a white noise machine.

While the Marpac Dohm Ds comes with the sound customization option. You can create a personalized sound environment by adjusting the tone and volume of the machine. Rather than having a speaker, it comes with a built-in duel speed fan which creates a sound of natural rushing air to get a perfect resting sleep at nights.

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Pricing, Warranty, and other Features

If we compare the LectroFan Vs. Marpac White Noise Machines regarding design, looks, pricing, and warranty, then there is no much difference between these two. Both the sound machines come with a one-year manufacturer warranty which lets you have a hassle-free purchase. Both have a similar design and pricing which not varies much.

The LectroFan Sound Machine comes with an in-built timer, which lets you decide how long should the machine run. While the facility of changing the hole opening size and twisting the cap, the Marpac Dohm Ds White Noise Machine allows you to adjust the fan speed and volume for the perfect sound you want during the rest time.

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Which is the Best Sound Machine for you?

With the abilities these both machines have, they are nice, reliable, and get the job done in all types of environment for you. If you are a traveler of frequent times, then the USB-featured perfectly portable LectroFan Sound Machine is the right choice for you. If you prefer more natural sounds in a white noise machine with the tone adjustability and you stay home for the most times, then the Marpac Dohm-DS is the best sound machine you can get.

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