Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer – Which is the best one for your baby?

Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer - Which is the best one for your baby?

Walkers are a great help when your child starts taking his first step. Kids are always curious about their surrounding and try to reach for the objects which catch their attention. Though it’s not a bad thing, these movements can be fatal if you kid holds the glass or heavy object which can harm their hands or legs. There are times when you are busy in work but too scared to leave your child alone on the floor. Under such circumstances, the Walker comes as a great help. A learning walker assists your kid in standing and moving towards in different direction without losing balance. Also, these walkers protect your child from colliding with hard objects like wall or table. Today you can find different companies offering learning walker with loads of features. In this article, we are comparing the two brand Jumperoo and Exersaucer walkers by their design, durability, and features. Both products are from a reputed company and have been chosen by mothers around the world.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Vs Evenflo ExerSaucer Jungle Quest:

On the first look, one can’t find any difference on both the brand except the body and looks. But, when you think from the view of an active kid parent, you can point some of the significant difference in both the brands. These walkers can be the life saver when you want to the child to be occupied while you finish off some important tasks. So, let’s take a look at all those features in jumperoo vs. exersaucer and find which one is ideal for toddlers.

Appearances: On a first look both the Walker look really simple with toys dangling to entertain your kids. Yet, Jumperoo has a more jungle like appearance with bright color toys in comparison to exersaucer. On the basis of look, Evenflo ExerSaucer seems pretty dull to eyes, so it won’t effectively attract the attention of a kid, but the company does offer four different colors in their walker. Make sure that you check the rates as each color has a different online market price. But, the winner in appearance section is Jumperoo.

Sturdy Build: The build of ExerSaucer is a bit flimsy in comparison to Jumperoo. ExerSaucer is 22 pounds of plastic body Walker which have three position height adjustments, bounce base to give more stability. On the other hand, Jumperoo has a circular metal frame of 15.8 pounds with a seat which can spin 360. In the comparison of exersaucer vs. jumperoo, Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo has proven to have a sturdy body which can take a heavy fall and not break. Also, it gives ample of space for a child to move and rotate as per their liking.

Size: On the size preference, Jumperoo is larger and taller than Exersaucer. Both can be easily stored, but when it comes carrying the walker around in the park, Exersaucer clearly wins the case on size.

Pricing: Right now, the price of Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is $59.79, and Evenflo ExerSaucer is at $75.96. If the price of both the brands doesn’t come in your budget, then better check out other product from the same company or wait for an online sale on any of the product. But, in the pricing section apparently, Jumperoo wins this round.

Fun Factor: On the scale of fun activity on walkers, both the exersaucer and jumperoo offers lots of toys for a kid to play. With exersaucer, the baby can jump up-down without losing balance and engage in seventeen plus activities that will keep them occupied for hours. As for Jumperoo, it got bright color toys, light-up musical piano and motion sensor that flashes light and sound with every jump. In this round, it a tie as each child demands are different. Some want more toys; others just like to roam around. So, we will leave this verdict to the almighty kids.

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Our Final Verdict on Jumperoo vs. Exersaucer:

Both the walkers belong to a renowned brand offering lot of interactive toys and features for active toddlers. These walkers have comfortable seats that support the child and make them comfortable for use in longer duration. The seat is removable, and machine washed which make them more hygienic. The child can swivel on the chair to move around different direction and play with toys. But, when it comes to design, style, and balance, Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is found to be more stable and allow baby to do lots of movements without any restriction. The best thing about this walker is its design 360-degree rotation of seat, three height adjustments, and metal body frame. All these features make Jumperoo a value for money among any other walker available in the market.

What Age a Baby Use a Baby Walker?

A healthy baby can hold the head steadily after four months and able to strengthen hand and leg movements in 16 months approximately. The top most walker companies advised parents to use the Walker on toddlers who have crossed the 4th month. Both Jumperoo and Exersaucer walkers are the wheeled devices that assist the child in steadying their feet and pushing forward by supporting the body. Many people are against these walkers because of the possible injuries. But, modern day baby walkers are made with the research and special care to avoid any injury to your child’s arms or legs. Also, the walker can support a healthy baby and move swiftly across any surface without losing the balance in the corners. The protective rim around the Walker keeps baby’s body at a safer distance from walls and other objects.

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Baby walkers are a great asset to keep your child engaged in safety while you handle other work. With lots of interactive toys, these walkers help stimulate the senses by light and sound. By comparing both the brands exersaucer vs. jumperoo, we have made an effort to analyze the best development toy for a child. By comfort, portability, and other features, we find Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, a winner. Hope, we have made some valid points that will help parents in choosing the best walker from the online market.

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