How to Buy a Glider or Rocker – Top Guidelines

How To Buy A Glider or Rocker

Setting up a nursery room is never a cheap affair. Getting the walls painted, choosing toys, and accessorizing it with a rocker or glider chair can easily put a dent on the pocket. A glider is a must for any nursery as this place will be getting mostly utilized in the coming months. Whether you want to hold the baby, nurse them, read a book or cuddling them in middle of the night, a comfortable glider or rocker can be helpful. Today parents can find all type of nursery rockers and gliders in the market which is usually paired with the ottoman to give extra comfort. As they are often pricey, one needs to remember few points before finalizing a glider chair.

What is a Glider Chair?

Glider chair is one type of rocking chair which moves like swing seat. The lower part of the glider chair has a metal frame that swings from side to side and back/forth too. Some companies also provide locking feature in glider chair for additional support and protection.

What to Buy? Glider Vs Rocker

The most significant shopping concern for a new parent is choosing between the traditional rocking chair and a baby glider chair. The rocking chair allows you to have up and down motion while the glider chair gives floating sensation to the baby. Both are designed to provide a soothing feeling and help them get a sleep. Here are some of the most prominent differences between the two nursery chairs which you need to keep in mind while making the final purchase.

  • Style/Design: Rocking chairs are a classic, timeless piece of furniture used by our great grandmothers in the nursery. The body of the rocker is made from wood which is painted in bright color and topped with a padded seat, back cushion and soft fabric covering on the arms. On the other side, the glider is a modernized nursery chair that comes with soft cushion body and steel base that provide space, support and smooth motion without losing balance.
  • Recline: There are some great options available in gliders that comes with the recline feature. This will surely bring a relief to sleep-deprived parents who just want to have a quick stretch and relax the muscles before the alarm to feed or hold the child starts again.
  • Motion Preference: Each nursery rocker and glider move differently. As a parent, it’s wise to sit on the nursery chair to feel the motion as sometimes these movements can make the baby sick. Glider chair slides back/forth in a smooth motion. There are some versions which have swivel base allows you to move left or right. This freedom is not available in the rocking chair as you can only move back and forth due to the arc design on the base.
  • Safety: With small kids around the house who are always trying to get up on sofa or chairs are prone to fall. Considering this, glider manufactures are now providing a locking mechanism in their product which allows stopping any swivel or rocking motion of the chair. This is not possible with the rocker because of the base arc design. From a safety point of view, many parents find glider chair much safer than nursery rocking chair.
  • Comfort Level: If you are handling twins or need bigger space to feed the baby, glider chair will be apt for your nursery. Gliders have bigger seating space compared to the rocker, provide full back support and much more comfortable to sit for a longer time. The armrest gives excellent support to arms while you are feeding the baby.
  • Shelf Life: On the build point of view both glider and rocker shelf life depends on the usage as well as the warranty provided by the manufacturer. When you are purchasing a piece of furniture, it’s wise to see its use even after ten years. So, if you feel that a glider will be useful in future when you don’t need a nursery, then glider is a better investment compared to rocker as its has understated design and often doesn’t go with the modern decor of the house.

Making the Decision:

As parents, the utmost priority is your child’s safety and comfort. We have listed down the main difference between a glider and a rocker chair. From support and safety point of view, we find glider chairs comfortable and relaxing for mothers who are taking care of their precious little one.



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