Best BBT Thermometer (Basal Body Temperature) Reviews of 2019

Best Basal BBT(Body Temperature Thermometer) Reviews (1)

Basal body temperature thermometers are a boon to women desiring motherhood. Awareness on your fertility peak period certainly brings you closer to your cherished dream! Having said that, let’s be clear on some facts.

Although the manufacturers market the product with several false promises, it is vital to understand the mechanism behind the working of this thermometer.

Basal temperature thermometer facilitates easy recording of a woman’s basal body temperature. This aids in tracking the ovulation timing. Copulation during this time enhances the probability of conception as the woman is most fertile during this period.

So, if you are craving to experience motherhood, this is undoubtedly a good investment. But remember, it cannot help you get pregnant faster. It can only maximise the chances, provided there are no other infertility issues.

If you are ready to procure one, we equip you with handy information to expedite your purchase. Read the reviews on some of the best products in the market and commence the journey to bring your happiness home!

Best Basal Body Thermometer

1. MABIS Basal Fertility Digital Thermometer

MABIS Basal ThermometerMABIS brings to you an elegant product, specifically designed to determine ovulation perfectly. Take your BBT reading every morning and realize your dream of parenthood!

Here are the salient characteristics of one of the best basal thermometers in the market!  

  • LCD display is easy to read and understand
  • Gives access to all year round supply of ovulation charts
  • Comes with a handy storage case
  • Product includes a replaceable LR41 long-life battery
  • A beep to inform you the attainment of peak temperatures
  • Approved by FDA

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2. Clinical Basal Thermometer with Fertility Tracking, Perfect for Ovulation Calculator

Generation Guard Basal ThermometerThis fertility thermometer is a perfect companion promising to make your conception dream come alive! It allows you to take maximum advantage of your menstrual cycle with accurate readings. Go ahead and track your BBT with utmost ease and efficiency.

These are some of the striking features of Generation Guard’s Clinical Basal Thermometer GM-300B.

  • Projects 1/100th of a degree accuracy
  • One of the most sensitive products in the league
  • User friendly
  • Soft alert beep to signify the completion of the test
  • LCD display is clear and easy to comprehend
  • Comes with the authentication stamp of FDA and European CE

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3. Veridian 08-365 Basal Digital Thermometer

Veridian 08-365 Basal Digital ThermometerVeridian brings another tough competitor in the league of basal body thermometers. No more waiting seems necessary to plan a family from the comfort of your bedroom!

Ranging from reliable readings to automatic shut off mechanism to long life battery – this product is loaded with assets.

Gain insight to the winning features of this fertility thermometer.

  • Comes with a stamp of credibility and accuracy
  • Takes precisely 60 seconds to record the temperature
  • Memory recall facility projects last reading
  • A beep for peak temperature recording
  • Water proof and easy to clean
  • Low battery indicator
  • Includes all year round supply of ovulation charts

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4. Starlight and Sunny Basal Ovulation Thermometer

Starlight and Sunny Basal ThermometerYou certainly don’t want your partner to get disturbed during this everyday morning ritual!

This superlative model truly qualifies as the best basal body thermometer in the industry. It is designed with extreme thought and sensitivity, which means no back display lights or loud beeping to wake up your beloved from sleep!

The positives facets of the product are

  • Furnishes a 2 decimal measurement
  • Provision of memory recall
  • Portable and petite in design
  • Structured specifically for comfortable usage in the mouth
  • Soft yet clearly audible beep

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5. Fairhaven Health Non-mercury Glass Basal Thermometer

Non-mercury Glass Basal ThermometerIf you desire to be in tune with progressive and eco-friendly technology trends, then your search ends at Fairhaven Health Glass Basal Thermometer!

While getting pregnant, you certainly want to stay clear of any additional health hazards. This ovulation thermometer utilizes a non-toxic alternative to mercury, ensuring your safety above all.   

Here are its outstanding pointers.

  • Functions without a drop of mercury
  • Utilizes a safe liquid alloy for measurement
  • Comes with an unbreakable carrying case
  • Precise accurate readings for fast conception
  • Includes comprehensive information with regards to ovulation
  • Safe for the soon to be mom, family and environment

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6. BabiCo Basal Thermometer for Ovulation with eBook, BONUS 3 Pregnancy Tests by Wondfo

Digital Basal ThermometerBe it natural family planning or pregnancy, this latest model of How to Buy a Glider or Rocker? is sure to deliver! The product is FDA approved and stamped for clinical proficiency.

Browse through its outstanding attributes.

  • Brand new model for the year 2017
  • Gives precise and fast results to the accuracy of 1/100th of a degree
  • Comes with an eBook entitled “Harnessing Your Fertility” and 3 Wondfo pregnancy test strips
  • Product has a flexible tip and is waterproof
  • LCD display is rather easy to read
  • Provision of memory recall

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7. Clinical Basal Thermometer – BBT-113A2A by iProvèn

Clinical Basal ThermometerIf you are looking for the best BBT thermometer, this one is a clear winner! The manufacturers are very transparent and upfront about the working mechanism of this instrument. The recording is rather slow in comparison to other thermometers. However, this is a mark of its precision!    

Have a look at some of its interesting features.

  • The company strives to deliver accurate data
  • Refund with 100 days of purchase if the product falls short on quality
  • More aptly an Actual Body Temperature with sensors recording slowly and efficiently

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Fertility awareness is a must for conception. Whether your agenda is to conceive or evade a pregnancy, an ovulation thermometer serves the purpose to the fullest.

Why take on unnecessary stress which affects your health care when technology renders you the necessary assistance? Be prudent about your selection for this is a domain you definitely don’t want to mess up!

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