Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet or Crib – Know the Reasons

Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet or Crib

It is quite common that newborn baby dislikes sleeping in the bassinet so they don’t prefer napping in that as they feel more warmth and comfort touch in mother’s lap. As the mother also requires some sleep so she would like to shift her baby in bassinet or crib so that she can have some sound sleep. But most of the times it happens that newborn baby won’t sleep in the bassinet, and the moment you make the baby sleep in the crib, then he or she starts crying. Now the question is how to get newborn to sleep in bassinet or crib rather in the arms or lap of the mother.

Here in this article, I will provide you the ways through which you can make your baby sleep in the bassinet. So let’s proceed with the discussions on the same so that your child gets habitual of the cot and you can also relax when your baby enjoys the sound sleep in the crib.

  • Provide warmth – To provide warmth to your delicate darling place a heating pad on the futons of the crib. Remove the heating pads before putting your baby in the bassinet. The changeover will approximately take three days to a new sleeping place so at the beginning as a mother you will face some problem but if you continue doing again and again, then your baby will get used to the new way of sleeping.
  • Use of towel – Under the mattress roll a towel and then put down your baby. Make sure that incline is very minor. Pay attention to safety factor for your little darling. Initially, the baby will stay only for few minutes. But slowly and gradually your infant will develop the habit of continuing in the crib for a longer time.
  • Make accustomed to co-sleeper – The good feed will make your little one satisfied, watchful and active, so it is the appropriate time to make your infant practice in the co-sleeper. Give a chance to your baby to learn the habit of co-sleeper so he or she can get familiarized with it. You have to be patient while instilling the habit in your loving baby.
  • Comfortable environment – Your baby stays in the womb for nine months so after birth if the same environment is provided to the newborn then they feel relaxed. You can redesign the environment like the womb for your lovable baby which will provide them comfort. Your child will enjoy sound sleep due to the comfortable position. You can also take help of noise machine to provide soothing environment.
  • The fragrance of parents – You can roll any worn cloth of yours and place it near the head of your baby as a small bed or pillow in a crib. If your baby smells the fragrance of either parent, then he or she will feel protected and can sleep comfortably in a cot.
  • Smaller Bed – Arrange smaller beds for your child and place rolled sheets in around the baby that seems like the small bed. Make sure the sheets should be rolled and kept carefully so that it does not fall on your baby’s body. As you know that newborn won’t sleep in the bassinet so if you arrange small bed position in the bassinet, then the baby can adapt it gradually.
  • Make use of comfy sheets and sleep sack – Spread cozy sheets around your baby as little one likes soft touch. You can take advantage of the soft, plain and regular cotton sheets on cot and co-sleeper. It will deliver soothing touch to your newborn. The sleep sacks will make available warmth for your baby in a controlled manner. Your baby can move freely in sleep sack as it avoids swaddling. You can put on your baby without disturbing him or her. You will find it convenient.

How to get newborn to sleep in Crib?

Newborn won’t sleep in the bassinet, but from by following steps as mentioned above, you can make your child sleep in the crib. Remember one thing that you can’t inculcate habit in a day. It will take time so as a mother or caretaker be patient. Slowly and gradually the above steps will do wonders in developing the habit for your baby to sleep in a crib. Shower your love and care so that your baby get familiarized with the bassinet habit easily.

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